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A helping hand for jump start in Santa Ana

We have all been there. You have somewhere very important to be, and there’s no time to waste. But even in this time of necessity, your car won’t start! Did you leave the headlights on? Or is there a malfunction? Whatever the cause may be, Seyra Body Shop & Towing is ready to jump start anywhere in Santa Ana!

What exactly is a jump start? Your car runs on gasoline, but many parts of its inner workings depend on a battery. It’s this battery that starts the process of ‘cranking’ the car when you turn the key. Normally, this battery is charged as you drive by the alternator. However, if there is a malfunction, or if some energy-using device such as the headlights, radio, or interior lights were left on inadvertently, the battery can be drained and render the car unable to start again.

All is not lost, however. The battery does not need to be replaced like the battery in most machines. Instead, you just have to connect a temporary replacement power source to the battery in your car, and try to start it again. Once it’s running, you can unhook the secondary power source and drive off. Just make sure to drive around for a while so that your battery has time to charge up again. That’s all there is to jump starting!

Just give Seyra Body Shop & Towing a call, and we’ll have a truck out right away to jump start your car. If you experience any further difficulties (for example, a bad alternator) we’ll be more than happy to give you and your car a lift back to the shop for whatever repairs may be necessary. You can always count on us when the unexpected strikes!
We all have the bad luck of a dead battery now and again, but with our service, you’ll be back up and running in no time.