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“I don’t drive the fanciest of cars, so I’ve had my car broken down several times. Every time I needed them, and at every time I needed them – Seyra body shop & Towingarrived at my location really fast and helped me. They’re really friendly but most of all – affordable in everyday people’s standards.” -Sheila Adams

“I never needed auto repair assistance before. My father was a mechanic and taught me everything I needed to know about fixing a car, or so I thought. I came across a problem with the transmission that took me a couple stubborn hours to realize I’m going to need a real professional. I called up the guys at Seyra body shop & Towingand they towed my car to a nearby shop whom I didn’t know before. The guys at the shop fixed the problem, which apparently is a rare problem, in a matter of a couple minutes. I was sure I was going to flip when I see the bill but I was surprised to see that both the towing service rate and the auto repair price was way lower than I had expected. I’ll be calling them again, instead of getting my hands dirty next time.” -Tom Evensworth

“Call me a “girl” but I don’t know how to change a tire. Never learned. Even if I did know, I didn’t have a spare one. I hit a serious rock during a road trip near Santa Ana. I started to panic because not only do I not know what to do, I don’t even know the region. I searched for a roadside assistance service in Santa Ana and they seemed like the best company for the job. I called Seyra body shop & Towingand they arrived within 30 minutes and fixed the problem in a jiffy. The price was highly cheap, as well. Thanks!!” -Robbie Alper