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There are many old vehicles that are still running on the road and once they are in trouble, their only solution is to call a local towing company in the area. If you are in Santa Ana area, you can contact Seyra Body Shop & Towing. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days. You can take advantage of their service and grantee to take care of your vehicle up to the place where you want your car.

Seyra Body Shop & Towing  is your best option, we know what to do with your vehicle. If you are involve in an accident and in need of a body shop to repair the damage on your car, let us do the job for you. We will fix your car and make it look like nothing had ever happen to your car.

Some of the local towing service in Santa Ana area are only open on a certain time and they are normally not available on weekend. Not like Seyra Body Shop & Towing, you can depend on us and we are willing to work for your best interest. Just let us know what you want to do and where you are and we will do everything to make you happy and satisfied. Our tow truck drivers are well trained and they know what they are doing. Unlike those other towing company, most of the drivers don’t even know how to operate the tow truck. They are having a hard time to tow a vehicle and they take so long to arrive on the scene. That will not happen with our team. They will be there right away. Call us for free quote (714) 760-9904.